Nourish Detox (1 x 8pcs) 100 ml

SKU: MGFR2147233
Origin: Qatar
Selling Unit: 800ml
QAR 150.00

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An alkaline juice that cleanses toxins and hydrating your body. This green goodness is packed with kale and fresh aloe for the pro juicer!


DETOX – This powerful alkaline juice is for our pro juicers. A huge hit of green goodness teamed up with fresh aloe vera pulp straight from the plant.


Make it a daily healthy habit. Midday health kick, as a refresher, post-workout or to swap out a sugary treat. Anytime is a good time to balance your body!

  • To aid your digestion
  • Gut hydration
  • Cleansing reducing bloating
  • Post-workout to help ease next day DOMS.
  • Product Information: Kale, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Apple / Nutrition Value: Calories 43 FAT 0.1g CARBS 10.2g PROTEIN 0.5g